Investment Profile

Investing in a Pizza Pie Café Franchise

Pizza Pie Café has great franchisees and we really want to keep it that way. Some things to think about when considering opening a franchise with us:

  • We believe culture is everything. You have to really want to take care of your employees and treat them great. We believe they will take excellent care of customers if they are treated well.
  • How is your available time? Opening a Pizza Pie Café location can be taxing. It usually takes several months before you can take a day off. I guess you could say it is like having a new baby in the home. Everything revolves around it at first. Make sure you have the time to dedicate to this new baby of yours.
  • We have a proven system in place. Yes, we are always looking to improve everything we do. We feel like that is super important. You have to be willing to follow our system to the letter. We will teach you how to be successful during training, but you have to be willing to then apply this to your new location.
  • How are your customer service skills? Are you ready to solve your guests’ problems? In the restaurant business we are here to serve our guests. This is so important. If you enjoy taking care of people. If you pride yourself in always striving to help those around you then you will love the restaurant business.
  • If you’re into a positive mental attitude, then this is for you. Life can be hard and your guest are coming to you to forget about life for a short time. Spend time in a beautiful restaurant eating with family and friends. You can make this experience a great one when you have the right attitude.


Our Culture

  1. Give Service to Customers, Family, and Friends
  2. Set Ambitious Goals, Learn From Your Mistakes, Stretch and Grow
  3. Own Your Own problems, Be a Person of Integrity
  4. Have Fun, Work Hard, and Win
  5. Strive to be Physically and Emotionally Fit


Proven Process for Success

  1. Beautiful Restaurants
  2. High Volume Layouts
  3. Made from Scratch Recipes
  4. Large Variety of pizza, Pasta, and Salad
  5. Culture of Service
  6. Value Price Point


What will it take to open a Pizza Pie Cafe

  • Your initial investment will range from $479,000-$607,998
  • You will need liquid assets of at least $80,000
  • Your net worth should be above $350,000

View our Steps to Opening a Franchise

The investment in opening a restaurant may vary depending on many factors, including buildout costs to get the premises ready to open, the amount of tenant improvement money available for that buildout, the location, the amount of trainer required to open and available housing for corporate staff to name a few. Please review the financial costs below to see how it breaks down. Please also realize that some hard costs will not be available at the time of construction due to unknowns in remodeling of existing buildings, changes in codes, and varying interpretations of the codes from city inspectors.

Type of Expenditure Low High
Franchise Fee $35,000  –
Real Estate/Rent $4,500 $10,000
Utility Deposits $1,000 $2,500
Leasehold Improvements $194,000 $257,886
Initial Inventory $7,000 $12,000
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $155,966 $194,809
Insurance $750 $2,250
Signage $14,000 $22,000
Office Equipment & Supplies $2,900 $4,000
Grand Opening Advertising $3,000 $4,000
Computer Equipment (Hardware/Software/POS System) $24,653 $28,653
Training Team $11,600 $17,900
Licenses & Permits $4,000 $12,000
Legal & Accounting $1,500 $3,000
Additional Funds/Working Capital $20,000 $40,000

*Please refer to Pizza Pie Cafe January 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) item 7 for more detail and description of each category. Pizza Pie Cafe does not provide in-house financing, but can suggest financial partners we have worked with in the past.