Not everyone grew up in the pizza business, those that didn’t can be trained - Matt Smith

Training and Support

At Pizza Pie Café we are ready to train you to become super successful at running a fast-casual pizza buffet. Our training program takes place in our Provo, Utah company location. It is there that we teach you the proven process to run a successful Pizza Pie Café. Our competency based training program insures whomever you send to training will be trained by doing. You get the opportunity to get flour on your hands, cut pizzas, make our pasta sauces, bus tables, and help our guests have a great experience. We will give you the right information to operate your restaurant.

  • Average of 30 days training
  • Competency based testing during training insures you know what your doing
  • Hands on experience with a corporate employee
  • Work side by side with employees
  • Learn all managerial functions
  • Learn how to make all of our recipes
  • Work with an area manager
  • Hiring, leading and scheduling employees
  • Reading and understanding reports
  • Culture development the Pizza Pie Café way

Build-out Training

  • Site selection process
  • Store design
  • Decor design
  • Store construction and set-up
  • Pre-opening procedures and post-opening on going training
  • Marketing and grand opening assistance
  • Understanding the role of the franchisees and managers

Ongoing Support

  • Marketing support, tools, and resources
  • Area Manager monthly operations check
  • Area manager monthly cleaning check
  • Secret Shopper program
  • Annual Franchisee meeting
  • Purchasing power and vendor relations
  • Social media campaigns and text program
  • Trouble shooting your location